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Army Spy Dog


Control army dog to chase, attack & catch criminals in one the latest army dogs games. Play one of the most amazing police dog games and make existence difficult for terrorists, criminals & thieves. The professional army dog & police dog have been trained to sniff the criminals and wipe away crime operations in army dogs games. Protect your company in the modern police dog games from illegal corruption with police dog. Control dog simulator in army games as a trained German shepherd to pursue and hunt down bad guys in this adventurous ARMY SPY DOG game.In this game we have an army dog that has the responsibility to sniff and identify terrorists, stolen vehicles and bombs. Our task is to identify the location of the terrorists and catch them. A map will be displayed on the screen, in which the position of the terrorists will be highlighted. There will be total 5 levels in this game. In the 1st level we have to find 4 terrorists who are hiding somewhere in the mountains. In the 2nd level the terrorists have stolen army helicopters and vehicles and we have to find them from the mountains and arrest them. In the 3rd level we have to locate a bomb that terrorists have placed near our army base and hand over it to bomb disposal squad to defuse it. In the 4th level, 6 terrorists carrying heavy equipment are hiding somewhere in the mountains and our army spy dog has to sniff around and identify the location of terrorists and also hold down the terrorists for the army rangers to arrest them. Likewise, in the 5th level we have to find 5 terrorists who have stolen our MPV’s and also hiding themselves in the mountains so the army spy dog has to sniff around and identify the location of terrorists and our MPV’s as well.So let’s control the wild army dog, patrol around in the newest army dogs games and dash towards mad terrorists in one of the most intense police dog games. It’s time to let the criminals fall on the ground and take them in custody. We assure you would love the adventurous and entertaining experience in this ARMY SPY DOG game.